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Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • Passing out with car in drive leads to DUI in Berkeley County

    Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy C.S. Welcome was one of the law enforcement officers that handled the arrest of a woman based on the suspicion of driving under the influence this past weekend. Officers found the Pennsylvania woman unconscious behind the wheel of her car, stopped at a traffic signal. After an investigation, the woman was charged with DUI and possession offenses. With the ...
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  • Revoked license prompts Martinsburg man to flee after crash

    When an individual is pulled over in Berkeley County under suspicion of drunk driving, one of the most common consequences is the loss of driving privileges. Simply refusing an officer’s request to submit to a Breathalyzer test can result in the DMV automatically suspending a driver’s license. Even a temporary suspension of driving privileges can make life very difficult, affecting the ease of ...
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  • I know the legal limit is.08 but how do I know my BAC is there?

    Under West Virginia law, individuals with a .08 blood alcohol content are considered to be a drunk driver if they get behind the wheel of a car. Most Martinsburg drivers are probably aware of this legal .08 BAC limit. Even visitors can probably make an educated guess as to West Virginia’s legal limit since it is common across most jurisdictions. Even though it is a well-known law, it doesn’t mean ...
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  • Berkeley County deputy loses job after DUI-related crash

    The incident occurred on May 1, 2013, when Berkeley County sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene of an accident. There, the deputies found that one of the vehicles involved in the collision belonged to one of their own. An off-duty deputy from Martinsburg told the on-duty officers that his girlfriend was driving the vehicle. Berkeley County deputies called for the assistance of the West ...
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