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Person signing prenuptial agreementWhile we all hope that each marriage lasts forever, the fact is that many married couples end up separating at some point, and eventually one spouse passes before the other. In the interest of smart and proper planning, it may be a good idea for couples to consider a prenuptial (or premarital) agreement. While some couples feel a prenuptial agreement isn’t a desirable step to take before walking down the aisle, the agreement itself can actually relieve the stress of unanswered financial questions before the marriage.

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Should I Get a Prenup? 

Our Berkeley County and Jefferson County family lawyers at Sutton & Janelle advise all engaged couples to consider whether a prenuptial agreement is a smart choice for them. Though it may be unromantic to think about, it is important you are pragmatic when making such a serious life decision. Protecting yourself, as well as your partner, will only make things easier in the long run.

Reasons to Get a Prenup:

  • Prior marriages
  • One spouse has a far higher earning income than the other
  • One or both spouses have significant individual net worth
  • Either spouse owns a business
  • Children, especially children from a previous marriage
  • One partner has significant debt
  • One partner does not work and raises the children or takes care of the home
  • One partner is coming into an inheritance

In West Virginia, each party MUST be represented by their own attorney in drafting and reviewing such an agreement. We will be glad to discuss the procedure for this important document at a consultation with one of the parties.

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