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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Field sobriety tests explained: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test

    Even if you've never been pulled over, you have probably watched enough television to have some idea of how a DUI traffic stop is conducted. Whether it's blowing into a breathalyzer or taking field sobriety tests , we all think we have some idea about what to expect. In today's post, we'll be talking about field sobriety tests, and one test in particular. It's known as the Horizontal Gaze ...
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  • Health problems could hinder use of ignition interlock device

    Drunk driving laws and penalties seem to be getting more stringent all the time. This is particularly the case for repeat DUI offenses. Here in West Virginia, a third-offense DUI is considered a felony . If convicted, you could face jail time, fines and be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. IIDs are becoming more widely used in West Virginia and around the ...
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  • Challenging breathalyzer test results: Two common strategies

    In the majority of drunk driving criminal cases, the most compelling pieces of evidence are test results showing the defendant's blood-alcohol concentration at the time of arrest. Blood tests tend to produce the most accurate results, but they are obviously impractical to conduct out on the road. Therefore, police departments in West Virginia and across the country rely on breath testing devices, ...
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