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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • Revisiting the issue of whether police may blood draw without a warrant

    Those who know even a little bit about DUI defense know that search and seizure issues are "all the rage" among criminal defense attorneys. Jokes aside, though, search and seizure issues are quite important for DUI defendants to explore with the help of their attorney. One of the basic reasons for this is that prosecutors should not be allowed to benefit from illegal police investigations. One of ...
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  • How accurate are field sobriety tests?

    You’ve probably driven past someone who has been pulled over by police and subjected to a series of field sobriety tests. From afar, the process may look very scientific, with the officer observing the driver’s movements very methodically to try and determine if he or she may be impaired. Yet if you have ever participated in such an exercise yourself, you may view the conclusions made by the ...
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  • Why owning a personal breathalyzer may be a good idea: Part II

    In our post last week, we began a discussion about the potential benefits of owning a personal breathalyzer device. While a reading from your own device could not be used in court to defend against drunk driving charges, using the device before getting behind the wheel could prevent a DUI traffic stop in the first place. Breath-testing devices (commonly called breathalyzers), were once very ...
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  • Why owning a personal breathalyzer may be a good idea: Part I

    Every year, each of us seems to get one or two Christmas presents that we plan to exchange or return. Some people take care of this post-holiday task right away. But others let that unwanted sweater sit on top of their dresser for six months before giving up on returning it. Perhaps you should exchange that gift for something you could actually use but might not otherwise think to buy: A personal ...
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