What Can Be Included in a Prenuptial Agreement in West Virginia?

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If a couple has a prenuptial agreement, it doesn’t mean that they are not fully committed to each other or their marriage. The reality is that all marriages will end either in divorce or upon death. A premarital agreement is an excellent planning tool to address either event.

Signing a prenuptial agreement just means that a couple is realistic. They understand that there’s always a chance that a marriage won’t last, and the responsible thing to do is prepare for that possibility. If a married couple does divorce, a prenuptial agreement can help them avoid lengthy and stressful divorce negotiations and save them thousands in legal costs.

What Do Prenups Cover in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, couples can sometimes be surprised about what a prenuptial agreement doesn’t cover, such as child custody and child support. As for what a prenup does cover in West Virginia, that generally includes anything related to the division of the couple’s finances and other assets.

In many cases, couples simply agree that each spouse should keep the assets that they brought into the marriage, like a retirement account or business, if the marriage ends in divorce. However, that is not always the case, and even if it is, that doesn’t account for assets acquired during the marriage. Prenups can help a couple sort out all their asset-related issues before they ever walk down the aisle, giving them peace of mind as they say, “I do.”

Couples can decide ahead of time who keeps the house, vehicles, and rental properties. Couples can also use a prenuptial agreement to make decisions regarding spousal support in case of divorce. Another issue that can be covered with a prenup is how each individual spouse’s debt, as well as their marital debt, should be divided up if the couple gets divorced.

Prenuptial agreements can also sort out financial issues involving inheritance, prior marriages, and children from prior relationships.

It should be noted that in West Virginia, you and your partner must each be represented by your own attorney when negotiating, drafting, and reviewing a prenuptial agreement.

Need Help with a Prenup? Contact Our Experienced Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys Today!

A prenuptial agreement is like an insurance policy. If you ever need it, you will be very glad you have it.

Our experienced family law attorneys at Sutton & Janelle, PLLC can guide you through the process of securing a prenuptial agreement that works for you and your future spouse. We want to help you enter your marriage without the burden of worrying about what your financial situation will be if your marriage ends in divorce. Instead, we want you and your significant other to be free to concentrate on what’s most important, which is one another and your relationship.

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