Drunk driving can have a number of severe consequences

Impaired driving is considered a significant public safety issue in West Virginia and elsewhere. This is a problem that law enforcement officials take very seriously, causing them to be more vigilant in identifying drivers who may be showing signs of intoxication. Why is drunk driving or even buzzed driving a concern? What are the potential consequences of a DUI conviction?

Having moderate to high levels of alcohol in one's system has been shown to cause adverse effects on one's body, both physically and mentally. A person who is buzzed or drunk often has slower response times, loss of judgment, poor muscle coordination and poor visual function -- among various other consequences. This overall loss of control can and does lead to numerous accidents -- some of which result in fatalities. This is why DUI enforcement is such a big deal.

Approximately 1.4 million people across the country are arrested and charged with DUI every year. Not all arrests result in convictions, however. Field sobriety tests are fairly subjective, and chemical testing is not always accurate. If a testing error is found to have occurred, charges may be dismissed.

West Virginia laws regarding drunk driving are strictly enforced. Those who have been arrested, charged and convicted of this type of offense will, generally, lose their driving privileges and face significant fines and/or incarceration. As any of these consequences can have a drastic impact on one's life, wanting to minimize potential damages is understandable. Those facing criminal charges can seek an experienced attorney who will strive diligently to achieve a case dismissal or, if necessary, work with the prosecution and the court in an effort to seek a reduction in charges and penalties.

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