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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Law enforcement officials do not take drunk driving lightly

    Driving while impaired is a behavior that is concerning, not only locally, but across West Virginia and the country. Drunk driving is believed to be the cause of numerous accidents and deaths every year. Because of this, law enforcement officials do not take this issue lightly. In fact, hundreds of people have been arrested in both Berkeley and Jefferson counties alone in the past year, as ...
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  • Woman pleads no contest in West Virginia hit and run DUI case

    As most West Virginia residents know, the criminal consequences for driving while impaired can be pretty significant. These may include license suspension, fines and jail time -- among various others. For those who are charged with a a DUI resulting in death, however, the penalties can very quickly become far more severe. Recently, a 24-year-old woman pleaded no contest in a Berkeley County court ...
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  • Under 18 and charged with a DUI, what are the consequences?

    Underage drinking is a problem not only in West Virginia but across the country. To help deter teens from taking part in this activity, the consequences for underage drinking can be quite severe. So, what are the penalties a person under 18 and charged with DUI may face if convicted? Getting a driver's license as a teen can feel like the first step to gaining independence. Those who are under the ...
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  • Drunk driving can have a number of severe consequences

    Impaired driving is considered a significant public safety issue in West Virginia and elsewhere. This is a problem that law enforcement officials take very seriously, causing them to be more vigilant in identifying drivers who may be showing signs of intoxication. Why is drunk driving or even buzzed driving a concern? What are the potential consequences of a DUI conviction? Having moderate to high ...
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