Law enforcement officials do not take drunk driving lightly

Driving while impaired is a behavior that is concerning, not only locally, but across West Virginia and the country. Drunk driving is believed to be the cause of numerous accidents and deaths every year. Because of this, law enforcement officials do not take this issue lightly. In fact, hundreds of people have been arrested in both Berkeley and Jefferson counties alone in the past year, as officers strive to keep impaired drivers off the streets.

According to a recent report, between the two counties, a total of 560 individuals have been arrested for drunk driving over the last 12 months. In Berkeley County there were 340 arrests. While in Jefferson County there were 220.

The circumstances surrounding each of these arrests will be unique to their specific situations. For example, some individuals may have been involved in accidents and others may have been arrested following routine traffic stops. Regardless of why or when a person has been arrested for drunk driving, he or she has the right to contest any charges filed.

Fighting drunk driving charges is not always an easy task. There is a lot of information that will have to be gathered, reviewed and questioned. There are numerous things that make up a successful defense, including looking for any errors in police procedures, questioning the validity of any field sobriety and chemical tests performed and evaluating all available legal options. With the assistance of counsel, those accused of drunk driving in West Virginia can make informed decisions regarding their cases as they seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for their circumstances.

Source:Â, "Mothers Against Drunk Driving awards officers for drunk driving arrests", Carolyn Blackburne, Sept. 12, 2015

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