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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • What happens if I refuse a Breathalyzer test?

    In accordance with the laws of the state, West Virginia residents are well within their rights to refuse breath tests if pulled over for suspected impaired driving. It is not uncommon to wonder, though, what happens after a Breathalyzer test is refused? There are actually very specific instructions regarding what law enforcement officers are supposed to do in such situations. After a person has ...
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  • Man in West Virginia facing multiple DUI and other charges

    Police in West Virginia recently arrested a man they say was intoxicated and passed out behind the wheel of his car. This individual is facing multiple DUI-related charges and other accusations with regard to the incident. He was also charged for shoplifting, which was unrelated to this particular matter. On Aug. 10 in Martinsburg, police claim to have found a 28-year-old male passed out in his ...
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  • Have a DUI license suspension? Help is available

    After someone has been stopped for impaired driving, it is not uncommon for that individual to lose his or her driving privileges. This, of course, can affect several aspects of a person's life. A West Virginia resident who has been given a DUI license suspension may feel there is little that can be done, but there may, in fact, be ways for a person in this position to regain his or her driving ...
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  • How to challenge breath tests results

    If you were pulled over for drunk driving, the officer probably asked you to take a breath tests. If you did and the results were not in your favor, you may be feeling trapped at this point. How can you avoid a DUI conviction if you blew higher than a 0.08? The answer to this may be to challenge breath test results. As we discussed in a recent posts, breath tests are not always accurate indicators ...
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  • Woman arrested on felony drunk driving charge after crash

    A car crash that occurred in West Virginia at the end of July resulted in the deaths of two women. The driver of the car in which these women were passengers was arrested for the incident. This individual is facing various charges as a result -- two of them being for felony drunk driving . According to reports, an SUV driven by a 32-year-old woman allegedly struck the back end of another vehicle, ...
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