Have a DUI license suspension? Help is available

After someone has been stopped for impaired driving, it is not uncommon for that individual to lose his or her driving privileges. This, of course, can affect several aspects of a person's life. A West Virginia resident who has been given a DUI license suspension may feel there is little that can be done, but there may, in fact, be ways for a person in this position to regain his or her driving privileges.

A DUI license suspension can be administrative, criminal, or a combination of the two. After a license suspension has been ordered, it is possible to appeal the decision. Taking this action is something that should be done as soon as possible. Is this easy? Not necessarily.

Part of successfully appealing a DUI license suspension involves dissecting any evidence that has been offered against the accused. A careful look at all of the alleged facts provided in a case may bring to light information that a defense attorney can use on one's behalf. To learn more about how an attorney can help your case, please visit our Berkeley County DUI license suspension lawyer website. Here you will also find more information about the benefits of swiftly filing an appeal.

Even if criminal charges are dropped, the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles may still suspend one's license. This, again, is a decision that can be appealed by the affected party. Regardless of whether your DUI license suspension comes as the result of a criminal conviction or a decision made by the DMV, an experienced defense attorney may be able to help you get your driving privileges restored.

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