Woman arrested on felony drunk driving charge after crash

A car crash that occurred in West Virginia at the end of July resulted in the deaths of two women. The driver of the car in which these women were passengers was arrested for the incident. This individual is facing various charges as a result -- two of them being for felony drunk driving.

According to reports, an SUV driven by a 32-year-old woman allegedly struck the back end of another vehicle, causing her to lose control and roll her car. When authorities arrived, they claim to have found the SUV badly burned with the bodies of the victims in the back seat. The driver and another passenger were found approximately three miles from the scene of the crash. Both were transported for medical care, and the driver was soon after arrested and charged with regard to the collision.

The accused was initially detained at a jail in Berkeley County. Bond was set at $428,000. At this time, it is unknown if this individual is still behind bars or if she has been released. Information about future court dates for this case have not been reported.

A felony drunk driving charge, along with the many other criminal allegations that have been filed in this case, could drastically alter the course of the accused's life. Driving under the influence is taken seriously in West Virginia, and if prosecuting attorneys are able to secure a conviction in this particular case, the accused could potentially face a lengthy prison sentence, hefty fines and a host of other possible penalties. With the assistance of counsel, this individual will be able to make informed decisions regarding her situation and pursue a course of action that best protects her interests.

Source: heraldmailmedia.com, "Woman held on $428K bond in W.Va. crash deaths", Matthew Umstead, July 27, 2015