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Drivers License Suspension Or Revocation

Recent Posts in Drivers License Suspension Or Revocation Category

  • Commericial driver driving drunk can expect a suspended license

    Many good men and women in the state of West Virginia are commercial drivers. This can be a great job, offering financial freedom to those who are willing to work the difficult hours and maintain strict schedules. Unfortunately, these drivers sometimes find themselves accused of driving while drunk or otherwise impaired. When this happens, a commercial driver has a lot on the line -- such as his ...
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  • Suspended license will follow a DUI charge

    Those in West Virginia who are accused of driving under the influence can expect that their driving privileges will be affected. In accordance with state laws, a DUI charge will result in a suspended license . The length of the suspension will depend on various factors. While it is possible to lose one's license for a number of infractions, such as driving without insurance or committing numerous ...
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  • Does a DUI automatically result in a suspended license?

    There are quite a few consequences associated with having a DUI on one's record. In West Virginia, a suspended license is just one such penalty. License suspensions vary based on a number of factors, including the number of offenses and what type of impairing substance was utilized -- among numerous others. In accordance with state laws, license suspension or revocation is done automatically after ...
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  • Under 18 and charged with a DUI, what are the consequences?

    Underage drinking is a problem not only in West Virginia but across the country. To help deter teens from taking part in this activity, the consequences for underage drinking can be quite severe. So, what are the penalties a person under 18 and charged with DUI may face if convicted? Getting a driver's license as a teen can feel like the first step to gaining independence. Those who are under the ...
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  • Have a DUI license suspension? Help is available

    After someone has been stopped for impaired driving, it is not uncommon for that individual to lose his or her driving privileges. This, of course, can affect several aspects of a person's life. A West Virginia resident who has been given a DUI license suspension may feel there is little that can be done, but there may, in fact, be ways for a person in this position to regain his or her driving ...
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  • The DUI risks and consequences facing commercial drivers

    For most West Virginians, not being able to drive means not being able to work. This is especially true if you are employed as a commercial driver. Losing your license, even temporarily, could cost you your job and make it impossible to put food on the table. One of the fastest ways to lose your personal and/or your commercial driver's license is to get convicted of driving under the influence. In ...
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  • West Virginia Supreme Court delivers ruling on DUI blood tests

    There are sometimes discrepancies between the three primary methods of measuring blood-alcohol concentration. Most readers are familiar with the breath test (commonly referred to as a breathalyzer), but BAC can also be measured with blood or urine tests as well. If you fail a breath test and believe that the results may have been inaccurate, West Virginia law allows you to request a blood test ...
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  • DUI bill takes effect in Berkeley, Jefferson Counties

    A driver's license is more than just a little plastic card that acts as an official document for identification purposes. It is also the license that gives us the legal authority to drive a car to our job where we earn the living we depend on, to pick up our kids from after-school activities that will help them grow up happy and healthy and to even to bring home the groceries that we'll use for ...
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  • Myth: ATV is allowable alternative when license revoked for DUI

    All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, by definition have certain innate features that all a rider to go almost anywhere. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they are legally allowed anywhere in West Virginia. It is a common misconception, and it isn’t the only one where ATVs are concerned. Another misconception is that these vehicles are a legitimate alternative mode of transportation after a driver’s ...
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  • Gerrardstown taxi driver pulled over, fails sobriety testing

    A lot of jobs and careers require that an individual obtains and keeps current a license issued by the state or an approved licensing authority. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could include teachers, health care professionals, commercial drivers, engineers or those that work in the service industry, such as a bartender or hair dresser. Those that operate a vehicle as a part of their job ...
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  • Revoked license prompts Martinsburg man to flee after crash

    When an individual is pulled over in Berkeley County under suspicion of drunk driving, one of the most common consequences is the loss of driving privileges. Simply refusing an officer’s request to submit to a Breathalyzer test can result in the DMV automatically suspending a driver’s license. Even a temporary suspension of driving privileges can make life very difficult, affecting the ease of ...
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  • Procedural 'technicalities' protect our rights in DUI cases

    In 2010, a man was pulled over in Charles Town and another was pulled over in Beckley under the suspicion that they were driving while impaired. Both of these men were subsequently charged with a DUI and had their driving privileges revoked by the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles. Later, rulings made by administrative hearing examiners and a circuit court reinstated those driving ...
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