DUI charges issued twice against same person in West Virginia

Multiple incidents occurred in Putnam County that resulted in the same man being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol two times within a few hours. The West Virginia DUI charges were filed against the 35-year-old man by deputies who also claim that he fled the scene of an accident. There were other charges reported in connection to the case as well.

On a recent Monday evening, a 17-year-old pedestrian was allegedly struck down by a motor vehicle while on Route 62. The vehicle of the 35-year-old was later identified as the pickup truck that had hit the pedestrian. Apparently, there was visible damage on the pickup that corresponded to the details of the accident description. During the course of the events, the responding officers learned that the same man had been released on a $600 bond earlier that day.

It was reported that police in St. Albans had stopped the man a few hours before and had charged him with driving under the influence. An update stated that the man has been released again, this time on a bond of $10,000. It was noted that those who posted bond for the man were in no way culpable for the incidents that allegedly occurred.

West Virginia DUI charges can lead to serious consequences if a conviction is obtained by government prosecutors. Any person accused of driving while intoxicated has the right to seek representation from a criminal lawyer when preparing to defend himself or herself before the court. Whether the person refused a Breathalyzer test, passed or failed a field sobriety test or tested above the legal limit for driving after consuming alcohol would most likely have bearing on the outcome of a case. For this reason, it is typically helpful to act under the advise and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: wvmetronews.com, "Putnam man free after second DUI in a day", Chris Lawrence, July 8, 2015

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