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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Completion of certain programs required after a DUI charge

    There are a lot of things West Virginia residents may or may not know about what happens after being charged with impaired driving. A DUI charge, whether for drunk or otherwise intoxicated driving, carries many penalties. One of these is the required completion of a combined safety and treatment program. In West Virginia, after a person has a DUI conviction placed on his or her record, that ...
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  • Police patrols in West Virginia target allegedly impaired drivers

    On any given day, it is not uncommon to see law enforcement officers patrolling the roadways of West Virginia. These individuals have been charged with keeping the public safe and should be commended for their efforts. Part of their jobs is to keep an eye out for those drivers whom they believe are exhibiting signs of impairment, and the time police have spent doing so has resulted in numerous DUI ...
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  • What exactly is a Breathalyzer test and is it always accurate?

    Those in West Virginia and elsewhere, who have ever been pulled over for suspected DUI may be somewhat familiar with the different tests authorities use to test for impairment. One that is most commonly used is a Breathalyzer test. While police depend on these machines, it is important for those accused of DUI to understand that the results of such tests may not always be accurate. Before going ...
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  • DUI charges issued twice against same person in West Virginia

    Multiple incidents occurred in Putnam County that resulted in the same man being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol two times within a few hours. The West Virginia DUI charges were filed against the 35-year-old man by deputies who also claim that he fled the scene of an accident. There were other charges reported in connection to the case as well. On a recent Monday evening, a ...
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  • DUI charges filed after incident at West Virginia Capitol

    A recent incident occurred at the West Virginia State Capitol that resulted in a woman's arrest. She now faces DUI charges after having been accused of causing damage to the Capitol grounds. The 53-year-old was arrested late on a Sunday night. Police officers claim that the woman was driving her vehicle around the grounds of the State Capitol. They said that they had received a call about the ...
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