DUI charges filed after incident at West Virginia Capitol

A recent incident occurred at the West Virginia State Capitol that resulted in a woman's arrest. She now faces DUI charges after having been accused of causing damage to the Capitol grounds. The 53-year-old was arrested late on a Sunday night.

Police officers claim that the woman was driving her vehicle around the grounds of the State Capitol. They said that they had received a call about the incident, and when they arrived at the scene, they noticed vehicle tracks throughout the grass on Capitol grounds. Officers say that there was other damage to the grounds as well.

Police received another call from dispatchers who said that a vehicle matching the description of the one that had allegedly driven through the Capitol grounds had just pulled into a parking lot at a nearby convenience store. When police went to the location, they found the car and noticed that it was damaged and had more than one flat tire. The woman who had been driving the car is said to have exited the store with cans of beer in her possession.

The officers at the scene indicated that the woman failed multiple field sobriety tests and registered a .23 blood alcohol level, almost triple the legal limit. DUI charges in West Virginia can carry serious penalties for those convicted. There are criminal defense lawyers available who will work to minimize the potential consequences of an individual case. Contacting a legal professional who has experience in DUI cases would be one way to determine what options might be available insofar as defending against the accusations, avoiding driving restrictions and other related issues.

Source: wowktv.com, "Woman arrested on DUI charges after allegedly driving through Capitol Grounds", June 29, 2015

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