West Virginia man facing DUI and other charges after accident

Police in West Virginia have recently arrested the individual that they believe is responsible for hitting several pedestrians with his motor vehicle. The accused, a 43-year-old male, is facing several charges for the incident including DUI and hit-and-run resulting in injury. If convicted, he could face a number of severe consequences.

According to a recent report, a Martinsburg man allegedly hit four pedestrians with his vehicle while driving on King Street. The victims, ages 17 to 23, were said to be crossing the road when they were struck. All four were taken to the Berkeley Medical Center for treatment. The injuries suffered by each have not been reported, but each victim was released from the hospital after receiving care.

The accused is charged with several counts of hit-and-run with injury and driving while impaired. Police believe the substance in his system at the time of the crash was alcohol. Authorities have not indicated what evidence led them to this particular individual. As of the last report, the accused was in police custody. It is unknown as to whether he is still being detained or if he has been released.

DUI and hit-and-run charges could result in jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines and court ordered rehabilitation -- among various other penalties -- if he is ultimately convicted in a West Virginia criminal court. Any of these things could have a drastic impact on his personal and professional life. As there is so much on the line for this individual, he would likely benefit from a strategic criminal defense on his behalf. He, alongside counsel, can pursue legal options that will best benefit his case and work toward achieving an outcome that will protect his present and future interests.

Source: heraldmailmedia.com, "Martinsburg man charged after vehicle strikes pedestrians", Nov. 1, 2015

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