What happens during a DUI blood test?

Blood tests are often utilized by authorities to determine if drivers are impaired. These are considered to be extremely accurate if completed in a timely manner and by a person who is appropriately trained to perform such procedures. This does not mean that mistakes are not made, though. So, what happens during a DUI blood test and can those accused of impaired driving in West Virginia do anything to fight the results?

A DUI blood test is just like most standard blood tests that a doctor would order. There are no special preparations that are required. For investigative purposes, it is in the best interests of authorities that such tests are performed as quickly as possible. This is due to the fact that alcohol or drug concentration in the blood reduces by the hour.

When a blood test is ordered, the accused will be taken to an individual who is approved to performed the procedure. An area on the skin, typically on the arm, will be cleaned and a needle inserted into a vein in order to collect a sample. The sample is saved in a tube and sent to a lab for processing. After the sample is taken, a band aid will be placed over the collection site in order to stop any bleeding.

A DUI blood test, though believed to be highly accurate, is not always free from error. Alcohol wipes used to clean the skin can affect final results, sample mix-ups in the lab may happen or various other mistakes may occur. Those in West Virginia who are fighting DUI charges can question the results of any chemical tests performed. In doing so, errors during collection or testing may be found that could prove beneficial to one's case.

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