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Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Berkeley County man arrested for DUI

    A West Virginia man was recently arrested and charged with causing a crash while driving under the influence. The DUI charge is not the only one to be filed in this case, however. This individual is also accused of injuring a child who was also in his vehicle when the incident occurred. Martinsburg police were called to investigate a single-vehicle accident that occurred the morning of Nov. 20., ...
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  • What happens during a DUI blood test?

    Blood tests are often utilized by authorities to determine if drivers are impaired. These are considered to be extremely accurate if completed in a timely manner and by a person who is appropriately trained to perform such procedures. This does not mean that mistakes are not made, though. So, what happens during a DUI blood test and can those accused of impaired driving in West Virginia do ...
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  • West Virginia man facing DUI and other charges after accident

    Police in West Virginia have recently arrested the individual that they believe is responsible for hitting several pedestrians with his motor vehicle. The accused, a 43-year-old male, is facing several charges for the incident including DUI and hit-and-run resulting in injury. If convicted, he could face a number of severe consequences. According to a recent report, a Martinsburg man allegedly hit ...
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  • What is a standard field sobriety test?

    When one is suspected of driving under the influence, it is common for law enforcement officers in West Virginia and elsewhere to perform a number of roadside tests to check for impairment. These tests are believed to be fairly accurate, but they are not without room for error. What is a standard field sobriety test , and what errors might be made while the test is being administered? There are ...
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