Stopped for suspected DUI, here is what to expect

West Virginia police are constantly patrolling for suspected impaired drivers. When one is pulled over for this purpose, he or she may not know what to expect. What happens during a DUI traffic stop?

When a traffic stop is initiated due to suspected DUI, police are looking for a number of things, including how the driver's eyes react to light and other stimuli. Drivers can expect to be asked various questions, and they may also be asked to submit to several tests. These tests typically include the standard field sobriety tests to test for coordination and speech tests to determine possible intoxication. Depending on how drivers perform on those tests and other factors, officers may also ask drivers to submit to chemical tests. This type of test may be in the form of a breath or blood collection.

Most individuals will feel the need to comply with everything that they are asked to complete during DUI traffic stops. However, this is not always necessary. As mistakes are often made during the administration of sobriety tests, it is understandable that some would be hesitant to submit to them. There are consequences for not complying with an officer's demands, of course, but there may also be benefits for refusing to complete sobriety testing as well.

Those who have been stopped and arrested for suspected DUI in West Virginia are likely to have a variety of questions. By seeking out legal counsel as soon as possible they can get their questions answered and begin working on deciding how to proceed with their cases. As with any criminal charges, there are generally a few defense options that may be utilized that can help those accused of DUI achieve the best possible outcomes for their circumstances.

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