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Blog Posts in 2016

  • The Benefits of Mediation

    While some Jefferson County divorce cases are hotly contested and result in hostile court litigation, there are other cases where the couple involved are capable of resolving their differences (property division, alimony, child custody) in an amicable and respectful fashion. Mediation offers both parties the creativity and flexibility to determine their own divorce agreement terms. It involves a ...
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  • Surviving the Holidays after a Divorce

    After a divorce has been finalized, all parties involved are often emotionally drained and possibly weary of the days ahead, especially the children. Unfortunately, the upcoming holiday season could only amplify the feelings of sadness and stress. Even though it may appear to be a substantial obstacle to overcome, coping with a divorce through the holidays can be an opportunity to rejuvenate the ...
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  • What Happens if I Get Caught Driving with a Suspended License after a DUI?

    If you get convicted of a DUI in West Virginia, not only will you receive jail time and fines, but you driver’s license will be suspended for months, even years. Not having the means to drive can make it difficult to get to work, attend scheduled classes, and conduct daily activities. Unfortunately, there are individuals out there who run the risk of being caught driving with a suspended license ...
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  • 5 Tips for Avoiding a DUI Arrest this Labor Day Weekend

    As summer comes to a close, people from all over the United States are getting ready to celebrate the end of the season by having some Labor Day fun. However, especially during these holiday weekends, the likelihood of getting arrested for a DUI significantly increases. So when you start planning out your weekend, here are some helpful tips to consider: Drink in moderation. If you are planning to ...
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  • Woman indicted on felony drunk driving charges in West Virginia

    An out-of-state woman was recently indicted for her alleged involvement in a fatal crash that occurred in West Virginia back in 2015. She is accused of felony drunk driving and various other criminal offenses. At this time, it is unknown whether any further court dates have been scheduled in this case. According to a local report, a 33-year-old woman was indicted by a grand jury in Berkeley County ...
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  • How can an attorney help with a first DUI offense?

    Believe it or not, a first DUI offense can carry some stiff penalties in West Virginia. If you are charged with DUI, you could face jail time and license suspension -- among other things -- depending on the facts of your case. Seeking legal assistance when charged with impaired driving for the first time may help you resolve the situation quickly and result in the best possible outcome. Being ...
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  • Commericial driver driving drunk can expect a suspended license

    Many good men and women in the state of West Virginia are commercial drivers. This can be a great job, offering financial freedom to those who are willing to work the difficult hours and maintain strict schedules. Unfortunately, these drivers sometimes find themselves accused of driving while drunk or otherwise impaired. When this happens, a commercial driver has a lot on the line -- such as his ...
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  • How does a Breathalyzer test determine one's blood alcohol level?

    A law enforcement officer may utilize different tests and pieces of equipment when trying to determine if a driver is impaired. One piece of equipment often used is a Breathalyzer. Many people in West Virginia may have heard of this device but are probably unaware of how it works. So, how does a Breathalyzer test determine one's blood alcohol level? The Breathalyzer machine is just one of many ...
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  • Stopped for suspected DUI, here is what to expect

    West Virginia police are constantly patrolling for suspected impaired drivers. When one is pulled over for this purpose, he or she may not know what to expect. What happens during a DUI traffic stop? When a traffic stop is initiated due to suspected DUI, police are looking for a number of things, including how the driver's eyes react to light and other stimuli. Drivers can expect to be asked ...
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  • What are the penalties for a third DUI?

    Depending on the number of DUI offenses on one's record, the penalties associated with driving while impaired in West Virginia can vary. For instance, anyone accused of a third DUI may face felony charges. The penalties for such an offense can have a dramatic effect on one's life. Those who have been accused of third or subsequent DUIs will likely benefit from the assistance of experienced ...
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  • Can I fight a DUI conviction?

    Those in West Virginia who have been convicted on impaired driving charges may feel that they have little, if any, recourse. However, it is possible to continue fighting even after a DUI conviction. In order to do this, one must utilize the appeals process. Appealing a criminal conviction is not a simple process, but that does not mean it is something that should be overlooked. Under the right ...
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  • Can a medical issue cause a high Breathalyzer test readout?

    There are those in West Virginia and elsewhere who have been pulled over for suspected DUI but have not had anything or enough to drink to warrant charges. For reasons they may not understand, their Breathalyzer test readouts show high levels of alcohol in their systems. Could the tests be wrong, or could something else be the problem? For some individuals, medical issues can cause high ...
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