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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • Stopped for suspected DUI, here is what to expect

    West Virginia police are constantly patrolling for suspected impaired drivers. When one is pulled over for this purpose, he or she may not know what to expect. What happens during a DUI traffic stop? When a traffic stop is initiated due to suspected DUI, police are looking for a number of things, including how the driver's eyes react to light and other stimuli. Drivers can expect to be asked ...
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  • What are the penalties for a third DUI?

    Depending on the number of DUI offenses on one's record, the penalties associated with driving while impaired in West Virginia can vary. For instance, anyone accused of a third DUI may face felony charges. The penalties for such an offense can have a dramatic effect on one's life. Those who have been accused of third or subsequent DUIs will likely benefit from the assistance of experienced ...
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  • Can I fight a DUI conviction?

    Those in West Virginia who have been convicted on impaired driving charges may feel that they have little, if any, recourse. However, it is possible to continue fighting even after a DUI conviction. In order to do this, one must utilize the appeals process. Appealing a criminal conviction is not a simple process, but that does not mean it is something that should be overlooked. Under the right ...
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  • Can a medical issue cause a high Breathalyzer test readout?

    There are those in West Virginia and elsewhere who have been pulled over for suspected DUI but have not had anything or enough to drink to warrant charges. For reasons they may not understand, their Breathalyzer test readouts show high levels of alcohol in their systems. Could the tests be wrong, or could something else be the problem? For some individuals, medical issues can cause high ...
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