Surviving the Holidays after a Divorce

After a divorce has been finalized, all parties involved are often emotionally drained and possibly weary of the days ahead, especially the children. Unfortunately, the upcoming holiday season could only amplify the feelings of sadness and stress.

Even though it may appear to be a substantial obstacle to overcome, coping with a divorce through the holidays can be an opportunity to rejuvenate the spirit of the season in a significant, brand new way. Above all else, make this holiday season fun and joyous again for your kids.

The following are helpful tips to survive the holidays after a divorce:

  • Seek comfort from your support system. Whenever you are feeling alone and depressed, having a supportive group of friends and family members on your side can make a significant impact. They will be there to listen to your every word, offer their genuine affection, and provide their loving guidance, especially those who have experienced divorce for themselves.
  • Follow a schedule. Instead of depending on visits and phone calls from friends and family members while you sulk at home, make an active schedule that will keep you busy and your mind focused on the holiday spirit. You can plan shopping trips, plan visits to loved ones in other places, or even try new things that make you feel good.
  • Create new traditions. If you have children, trying to recreate the holiday spirit of the family that has been torn apart often fails. Rather than mimic the old family traditions, perhaps make new rituals with your children. To make it even more fun, have your kids be involved in the brainstorming process for new ideas.
  • Take care of yourself. Feeling good mentally and spiritually can be the result of feeling good physically. Avoid the temptation of over-eating, and over-drinking, during the holidays and spend time exercising, dieting, as well as getting the proper amount of sleep.
  • The new year really means a new beginning. If you made it through the holidays alive and well, congratulate yourself on your strength and courage! Take this opportunity to embrace the moment and the fact that you are about to start a new and better life with your family.

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