The Benefits of Mediation

While some Jefferson County divorce cases are hotly contested and result in hostile court litigation, there are other cases where the couple involved are capable of resolving their differences (property division, alimony, child custody) in an amicable and respectful fashion.

Mediation offers both parties the creativity and flexibility to determine their own divorce agreement terms. It involves a third party (mediator) to help both spouses (and their respective lawyers) determine the outcome of their divorce. The mediator can be a family law attorney, a family counselor, or therapist, and they must remain neutral.

The following are the advantages of mediation in a West Virginia divorce:

  • Less expensive than court litigation. There are many costs associated with court, including court fees and attorney fees for their time in a courtroom. Fortunately, mediation does not include those costs.
  • Quicker resolution. Finalizing a divorce through court litigation can take months or even years. However, working out the terms of the divorce through mediation does not require the need to schedule and wait for court dates.
  • Details remain confidential. Any documents, notes, or disclosures during mediation will stay private and are not admissible as evidence in court if no settlement is reached between both parties.
  • Less stressful. There is no question that divorces can be frustrating and emotionally draining. But in mediation, you and your spouse can determine a solution that both of you can agree and comply with, as opposed to figuring out who’s the winner and who’s the loser.
  • Creative process. The terms of the divorce are not determined by a judge; instead, the mediator assists each party to discuss all of their issues to formulate a decision together.
  • Learn if you can cooperate with your spouse after divorce. Knowing that both parties can work together to resolve their issues without anger or resentment means that they can work together after the divorce, especially when kids are involved.

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