5 Tips for Avoiding a DUI Arrest this Labor Day Weekend

As summer comes to a close, people from all over the United States are getting ready to celebrate the end of the season by having some Labor Day fun. However, especially during these holiday weekends, the likelihood of getting arrested for a DUI significantly increases.

So when you start planning out your weekend, here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Drink in moderation. If you are planning to go to different places throughout the day or night, make sure you do not drink too much. Remember the number of drinks you have.
  • Designate a sober driver. Do not wait until you are drunk at a party to start looking for a designated driver to take you home. Instead, determine a sober driver immediately or well before the party.
  • Use a ride-sharing service. Thanks to modern technology, you can obtain a safe drive through multiple apps on your phone. So if all of your friends decide to celebrate the weekend together, you can depend on either Uber, Lyft, or a regular taxi service to the driver you all back home safely.
  • Stay overnight. If you had too much to drink, you do not have a designated driver, or you don’t have enough money to get you back home, it is best to spend the night. It’s safe to say that a night spent on an uncomfortable couch is better than a night spent in a jail cell.
  • Have a party at home. The safest and easiest alternative to your Labor Day celebration is to stay at home. If you have friends and family over for a party, make sure you provide them with driving options if they should get intoxicated.

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