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  • When is a DUI a Felony?

    Driving under the influence ( DUI ) is a major priority for law enforcement agencies, including those in West Virginia and Maryland. Today, any DUI arrest – be it a first-time allegation or an arrest with prior convictions – can warrant aggressive prosecution and substantial short- and long-term penalties upon conviction. However, those penalties can be elevated even more when drivers are charged ...
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  • Search & Seizure: What Are My Rights?

    Individuals charged with crimes, including driving under the influence ( DUI ), often have some type of contact with a law enforcement officer who stopped and / or investigated them under suspicion of criminal activity. While being stopped or investigated by law enforcement is not a welcomed experience many expect or plan for, it is important to know your rights when you come into contact with ...
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  • 5 Tips for Avoiding a DUI Arrest this Labor Day Weekend

    As summer comes to a close, people from all over the United States are getting ready to celebrate the end of the season by having some Labor Day fun. However, especially during these holiday weekends, the likelihood of getting arrested for a DUI significantly increases. So when you start planning out your weekend, here are some helpful tips to consider: Drink in moderation. If you are planning to ...
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  • Woman indicted on felony drunk driving charges in West Virginia

    An out-of-state woman was recently indicted for her alleged involvement in a fatal crash that occurred in West Virginia back in 2015. She is accused of felony drunk driving and various other criminal offenses. At this time, it is unknown whether any further court dates have been scheduled in this case. According to a local report, a 33-year-old woman was indicted by a grand jury in Berkeley County ...
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  • What are the penalties for a third DUI?

    Depending on the number of DUI offenses on one's record, the penalties associated with driving while impaired in West Virginia can vary. For instance, anyone accused of a third DUI may face felony charges. The penalties for such an offense can have a dramatic effect on one's life. Those who have been accused of third or subsequent DUIs will likely benefit from the assistance of experienced ...
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  • Prison sentence ordered after drunk driving accident conviction

    A West Virginia woman was recently convicted and sentenced for her role in a hit-and-run accident. The drunk driving incident is said to be responsible for the death of a pedestrian. Even though this woman has no prior criminal record, the state's laws regarding hit-and-run crashes are quite strict. According to a recent report, a 24-year-old woman was sentenced to serve one to five years in ...
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  • Felony charges may follow a drunk driving accident

    When an accident results in injury or fatality, investigators will look into every possible reason as to why the crash occurred. As drunk driving accidents are fairly common in West Virginia, authorities are likely to first consider if impairment played a role in a serious motor vehicle incident. If a driver who is believed responsible for a crash with injuries or fatalities is found to have been ...
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  • What elevates a drunk driving offense to a felony DUI?

    When accused of driving under the influence, the circumstances surrounding the incident can have a massive impact on the level of charges filed and the severity of the potential consequences. What types of things can elevate a drunk driving charge from a misdemeanor to a felony in West Virginia? What can one do if faced with such significant criminal charges? Most DUI cases are categorized as ...
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  • Martinsburg police arrest driver for his third DUI offense

    A man from a neighboring state was recently arraigned in the Berkeley County Magistrate Court. This followed his arrest on the previous evening when he was stopped by Martinsburg police. According to court documents, the man was charged with a third DUI offense. Furthermore, the arraignment included a count of driving with a revoked license due to a prior drunk driving incident. The legal ...
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  • Are 'party plates' the answer for DUI offenses?

    One form of punishment that many states use against drinking and driving defendants is to have them put special license plates on their vehicles. Ostensibly used to alert police officers, these plates also have the practical effect of publicly shaming motorists. Everyone knows what it means when they see those plates on a nearby car or truck. Across the border in Ohio, courts have been sentencing ...
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  • Second and third DUI charges need to be taken seriously

    If you are facing your second or third (or even fourth) DUI, you probably already know that the stakes are high. With each conviction, the subsequent charges you face only get more serious, as do the consequences. That’s why it’s extremely important to have a criminal defense lawyer on your side who can fight on your behalf. For a second DUI offense in West Virginia, the fines you face are ...
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  • Health problems could hinder use of ignition interlock device

    Drunk driving laws and penalties seem to be getting more stringent all the time. This is particularly the case for repeat DUI offenses. Here in West Virginia, a third-offense DUI is considered a felony . If convicted, you could face jail time, fines and be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. IIDs are becoming more widely used in West Virginia and around the ...
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  • DUI charges and sentencing considerations in West Virginia

    Penalties associated with a conviction for driving under the influence vary based on a number of important factors. One of these is whether the DUI offense was charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. But how do prosecutors decide which offenses are felonies and which are misdemeanors? And what other factors could influence DUI charges in your case? In today’s post, we’ll discuss some ...
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  • Fleeing, property damage ups Berkeley County DUI to felony

    Alcohol impairs our ability to patiently think through a decision, to make prudent choices. It is simply a fact that after consuming a number of drinks, we may make impulsive choices. For some, the fear of DUI consequences may even prompt them to attempt to avoid an arrest. For others, the impairment may simply impede their ability to see the flashing lights. We can only guess as to the reason ...
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