Who Gets the Family Keepsakes During a Divorce?

When most people think about dividing up their assets during a divorce, they think about deciding who gets the house, car, or money. But how do you decide who gets the things that don’t have a price tag?

No doubt in the time that you and your spouse were married you collected things that had sentimental value. These usually include objects like family keepsakes, your child’s artwork, or something you made together. It can be difficult to decide who gets something when there is no financial value to help, just sentimental value.

Our Berkeley County lawyers share some advice about how you and your spouse can come to an agreement about who gets what when it comes to family keepsakes.

Catalogue All of It – Make a list of the things that are the most important to you or things that have the most meaning. The sentimental value and attachment of an item can help determine who it goes to. For instance, if the couple used a china set passed down on one spouse’s side, that spouse will more than likely get to keep it.

Deciding Who Gets the Pet – When your furry friend feels like family, deciding who gets the pet could end up feeling more like a custody battle than property division. If the spouses can’t decide who gets to keep the pet, a judge can make a final decision. This decision will be based on who can care for the pet or has provided care in the past.

Think About Your Choices – When you claim that you want a family keepsake, consider whether you really want it or if you are just trying to keep your spouse from getting it. If you don’t really want the memento or if it doesn’t have any sentimental value to you, it is in your best interest to let your spouse have it. When discussing something that you care about, your spouse might return the favor.

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