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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Things to do if Divorce is Imminent

    Sometimes it is evident when a marriage is headed for divorce. The fact is that not everyone can ultimately save their marriage if there are fundamental issues one or both parties cannot move past. If you believe a divorce is imminent, now is the time to begin taking the proper steps to ensure a smoother process. Here are some tips for what you should do if divorce is on your marriage’s horizon: ...
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  • What Is SB76?

    The controversial legislation for SB76 was signed into law on April 25, 2017. Senate Bill 76 allows individuals convicted of non-violent felonies to return to court after 10 years to possibly have their convictions reduced to misdemeanors. The signing of the bill signals West Virginia’s adoption of progressive approaches for restoring the rights of non-violent criminal offenders. SB76 will improve ...
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  • Will My Social Media Posts Be Used in My Case?

    When people come to Sutton & Janelle, PLLC for criminal defense representation, we provide them with the best legal advice we can. We understand that being arrested or facing charges is incredibly stressful, which is why we do our best to guide our clients towards achieving their desired results. Social Media in Your Case Often clients ask us if their social media posts can be used against them in ...
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  • Who Gets the Family Keepsakes During a Divorce?

    When most people think about dividing up their assets during a divorce , they think about deciding who gets the house, car, or money. But how do you decide who gets the things that don’t have a price tag? No doubt in the time that you and your spouse were married you collected things that had sentimental value. These usually include objects like family keepsakes, your child’s artwork, or something ...
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