Attorney Sutton Completes DUI Case Training Course on Using Medical Info

Attorney J. Mark Sutton of Sutton & Janelle in Berkeley County is a locally trusted DUI defense attorney. He has helped so many people out of difficult situations throughout the years due to his advanced understanding of DUI law and criminal defense casework. To ensure he will be able to provide many more years of valuable legal service to our clients, he is always looking for new ways to further improve his legal abilities.

Recently, Attorney Sutton completed an advanced-level training course offers by the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. The training course focused on how to use information made available from medical staff and treatments to better defend a client charged with driving under the influence. In particular, the course addressed the inherent discrepancies between how medical responders and law enforcement react to an impaired driver.

Law enforcement officers naturally see the situation from a different perspective than emergency medical responders, who might be on the scene after a drunk driving crash. By comparing the reports from EMTs and police officers, inaccuracies in the law’s reports can be exposed. In turn, the prosecution can lose what was once valuable “evidence” to use against a DUI client.

The American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys is comprised of leading attorneys and other legal professionals who are all committed to the fair treatment of DUI defendants, who are often lambasted by the law and society before they are ever officially charged. Using their collective knowledge and insight, the Association is continually researching or creating newer, better ways to defend DUI clients.

You can learn more about the course Attorney Sutton took by clicking here and viewing a full press release from the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. If you need a tenacious and reputable DUI attorney on your side after you were pulled over, please call (304) 867-0049 to connect with Sutton & Janelle. For two decades, our law firm has been proudly representing the people of Berkeley County, West Virginia and securing impressive case results all the while.

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