Suspended license will follow a DUI charge

Those in West Virginia who are accused of driving under the influence can expect that their driving privileges will be affected. In accordance with state laws, a DUI charge will result in a suspended license. The length of the suspension will depend on various factors.

While it is possible to lose one's license for a number of infractions, such as driving without insurance or committing numerous traffic violations, these things have to accumulate over time until a certain number of points is reached and one's license is revoked or suspended. Having a DUI on a person's record is different. A license can be suspended from the very first offense.

When it comes to driving while impaired, most people only consider the effects of alcohol on a driver. In West Virginia, the use of any substance that influences one's ability to drive safely is considered an impairing substance -- such as over-the-counter cold remedies, prescription drugs and illegal drugs. A DUI charge for using any of these substances can also result in a license suspension.

Having a suspended license can create a number of difficulties in an individual's work and home life. These suspensions can last anywhere from 30 days to years, depending on facts of the situation. It is possible to fight a DUI suspension, though. One way to do this is by questioning the results of any sobriety tests performed. In doing so, the accused, with the assistance of legal counsel, can fight both criminal and administrative suspensions through seeking a dismissal of charges or pursing alternative sentencing.

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