Berkeley County man arrested for DUI

A West Virginia man was recently arrested and charged with causing a crash while driving under the influence. The DUI charge is not the only one to be filed in this case, however. This individual is also accused of injuring a child who was also in his vehicle when the incident occurred.

Martinsburg police were called to investigate a single-vehicle accident that occurred the morning of Nov. 20., around Athletic Street and Woodbury Avenue. The officer that arrived on scene claims that, upon arrival, the driver -- a 36-year-old male -- was found hunched over the steering wheel and a 6-year-old child was also in the car, unrestrained. Three field sobriety tests were supposedly administered, all of which the accused is said to have failed. Along with allegedly failing these tests, the accused reportedly had pills and a needle in his possession.

The man was taken into custody shortly after police arrived. The child that was with him was hurt in the crash, though the exact nature of the injuries suffered is unknown. The accused has been charged with DUI, DUI with injury, possession without a prescription and DUI with a minor.

All of the DUI-related charges filed in this case can carry significant penalties in West Virginia. This individual may lose his driving privileges, face jail time, be ordered to pay fines and/or have to take part in rehabilitation programs -- if he is convicted. Along with these penalties, depending on his relationship with the child, he could lose his parental or guardianship rights. Simply put, there is a lot on the line in this case. The accused may employ a strategic criminal defense in order to work on resolving this situation in a way that best suits his interests.

Source:, "Ranson man charged with DUI in crash that hurt child", Matthew Umstead, Nov. 23, 2015

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