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Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Prison sentence ordered after drunk driving accident conviction

    A West Virginia woman was recently convicted and sentenced for her role in a hit-and-run accident. The drunk driving incident is said to be responsible for the death of a pedestrian. Even though this woman has no prior criminal record, the state's laws regarding hit-and-run crashes are quite strict. According to a recent report, a 24-year-old woman was sentenced to serve one to five years in ...
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  • Felony charges may follow a drunk driving accident

    When an accident results in injury or fatality, investigators will look into every possible reason as to why the crash occurred. As drunk driving accidents are fairly common in West Virginia, authorities are likely to first consider if impairment played a role in a serious motor vehicle incident. If a driver who is believed responsible for a crash with injuries or fatalities is found to have been ...
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  • DUI checkpoints, the good and the bad

    Residents of West Virginia may be familiar with DUI checkpoints. They often pop up around major holidays. This time of year there may be more DUI checkpoints than usual, as holiday parties are carried on throughout the month. What few people may realize is that law enforcement agencies are permitted to set up these checkpoints on a weekly basis. DUI checkpoints do serve a valuable purpose. Law ...
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  • Blood-alcohol concentration matters in DUI cases

    Across the country every state has adopted what are known as per se laws, which are used to establish whether a person is deemed legally intoxicated. In West Virginia, if a person is found with a blood-alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher, he or she will be charged with DUI. This means that no other signs of impairment are really needed in order for police officers to make a DUI arrest. ...
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  • Suspended license will follow a DUI charge

    Those in West Virginia who are accused of driving under the influence can expect that their driving privileges will be affected. In accordance with state laws, a DUI charge will result in a suspended license . The length of the suspension will depend on various factors. While it is possible to lose one's license for a number of infractions, such as driving without insurance or committing numerous ...
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