Does a DUI automatically result in a suspended license?

There are quite a few consequences associated with having a DUI on one's record. In West Virginia, a suspended license is just one such penalty. License suspensions vary based on a number of factors, including the number of offenses and what type of impairing substance was utilized -- among numerous others.

In accordance with state laws, license suspension or revocation is done automatically after DUI-related events. There are certain elements to these cases that will determine how long the loss of driving privileges will last. For example, those who are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol may qualify to take part in the Interlock Program. This allows an individual who has been convicted of a certain type of DUI offense to install a device on his or her vehicle that will stop the car from starting if the driver has a certain level of alcohol in his or her system. By taking part in this program, these individuals can essentially bypass losing their driving privileges.

Those who do not qualify for the Interlock Program may face license suspensions ranging from 30 days to a lifetime. The facts of one's case will be utilized to determine how long of a suspension one may face. Things that are considered before removing one's right to drive include:

  • Age at time of offense
  • Number of DUI offenses on record
  • Impairing substance used
  • DUI causing injury or death
  • DUI with child in vehicle

A suspended license can create a number of difficulties for one's personal and professional life. West Virginia residents can fight accusations of DUI and seek to retain their driving privileges. While this is not always easy to accomplish, an experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to assist those accused of driving under the influence achieve the best possible resolutions to their cases.

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