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Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Plea agreement to finalize DUI case for Berkeley County deputy

    In March, we covered a story involving a Berkeley County deputy that had lost his job due to an accident that had occurred the previous May. The accident was a little more serious than the average fender-bender, causing minor to possibly moderate injuries, but the injuries weren’t the reason why this deputy lost his job . In this case, the deputy had been driving the vehicle under the influence of ...
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  • 2 men accused of DUI and permitting DUI in Walmart parking lot

    We recently wrote about an incident involving a woman who was charged with a DUI offense even though officers never observed her actually driving the vehicle. She was simply unconscious behind the wheel . In that case, her car was stopped at a traffic signal at the time. We noted or promised in that post that drunk driving charges could result under more common circumstances too -- like a car ...
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  • Gerrardstown taxi driver pulled over, fails sobriety testing

    A lot of jobs and careers require that an individual obtains and keeps current a license issued by the state or an approved licensing authority. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could include teachers, health care professionals, commercial drivers, engineers or those that work in the service industry, such as a bartender or hair dresser. Those that operate a vehicle as a part of their job ...
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  • DUI checkpoint scheduled for Friday on US 11 near Martinsburg

    Martinsburg residents planning on going out to dinner or to a bar where they’ll consume a couple of drinks might want to invest a little more time in finding a designated driver or alternative ride home this weekend. Why? The West Virginia State Police have scheduled a sobriety checkpoint that is planned to start at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 11 and run until 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 12. Officers ...
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  • Fleeing, property damage ups Berkeley County DUI to felony

    Alcohol impairs our ability to patiently think through a decision, to make prudent choices. It is simply a fact that after consuming a number of drinks, we may make impulsive choices. For some, the fear of DUI consequences may even prompt them to attempt to avoid an arrest. For others, the impairment may simply impede their ability to see the flashing lights. We can only guess as to the reason ...
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