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Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Facing DUI charges? Don't be afraid to challenge the evidence

    Some of our recent posts have focused on how defendants can contest the evidence against them in their DUI case. It can be pretty scary to realize that the results of a breath or blood test show that you were driving under the influence (with a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher). How could you possibly challenge such strong evidence? The fact of the matter is that law ...
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  • Breath-alcohol testing devices now widely available to consumers

    The most consistent trend in technology is that it continues to get more sophisticated while simultaneously becoming smaller and less expensive. A good example is digital cameras and digital video cameras. These two devices used to be quite expensive and had to be purchased separately. Now, better versions of both are included in most smartphones. The same trend may be happening to devices that ...
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  • West Virginia DUI enforcement increases before Labor Day weekend

    Summer tends to be a great time to take vacation and to travel. Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day also bring opportunities for long weekends and holiday parties. For most of us in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, celebrations often include alcohol. In the lead-up to Memorial Day weekend and the Fourth of July, law enforcement agencies across West Virginia ramped up drunk driving patrols ...
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  • Why law enforcement mistakes matter to your DUI defense

    Most of us have learned through experience that what you don’t know can hurt you. In legal matters, ignorance of the law is rarely ever an allowable excuse. But does this same principle apply to police officers? If an officer initiates a traffic stop for something that was neither illegal nor dangerous, is that stop valid? If not, does it matter what the officer discovers during the stop? This is ...
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