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Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • Can your DUI arrest affect your job application process?

    If you have been arrested and/or convicted of drunk driving, you may be wondering what kinds of consequences you might face beyond those imposed by a judge. You may be concerned about your family’s reaction and you may be worried about how outsiders may perceive your alleged behavior. Specifically, you may be wondering if your DUI charges will affect your ability to get a job at any point in the ...
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  • DUI bill takes effect in Berkeley, Jefferson Counties

    A driver's license is more than just a little plastic card that acts as an official document for identification purposes. It is also the license that gives us the legal authority to drive a car to our job where we earn the living we depend on, to pick up our kids from after-school activities that will help them grow up happy and healthy and to even to bring home the groceries that we'll use for ...
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  • Martinsburg man's indictment for third DUI not proof of guilt

    On Wednesday, June 4, the online news source Herald-Mail Media published a list of recent indictments against individuals in the area. On this list was information about a man charged with “one count of driving under the influence third offense and two counts of driving revoked (for) DUI third offense.” The name of the individual is certainly not important for the readers of our Martinsburg ...
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  • 'I honestly believed I wasn't intoxicated' common in DUI cases

    Whether it was at a bar, at a house party or any other even that serves alcohol, the readers of our Martinsburg DUI/DWI law blog have probably heard someone declare that he or she is safe to drive home. Individuals might say that they’ve only had one beer, a couple drinks or that it has been a couple of hours since their last drink. We mentioned in our prior post that making an educated guess ...
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