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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Personal breathalyzer devices: How accurate are they?

    Technology that was once used only by police officers is becoming cheap enough and accessible enough to be purchased by average citizens. A good example is the breath-alcohol test, commonly known as the breathalyzer. These devices used to cost thousands of dollars, and many high-end models still do. But we have previously written that consumers can now buy fairly accurate devices for between about ...
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  • Are 'party plates' the answer for DUI offenses?

    One form of punishment that many states use against drinking and driving defendants is to have them put special license plates on their vehicles. Ostensibly used to alert police officers, these plates also have the practical effect of publicly shaming motorists. Everyone knows what it means when they see those plates on a nearby car or truck. Across the border in Ohio, courts have been sentencing ...
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  • Procedural error results in dismissal of four DUI cases

    We have previously written that when it comes to drunk driving charges, the details matter. Specifically, the defendant may be helped by any detail of the traffic stop in which the officer violated his civil rights or otherwise deviated from required protocol. While it didn't occur here in West Virginia, a judge's recent ruling demonstrates just how important protocol is in a DUI case. In one ...
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  • Prom & graduation bring risks of underage drinking & DUI

    Now that May is here, high school students across West Virginia will be excitedly preparing for two major events: Prom and graduation. Both events give teenagers the chance to feel more like adults while enjoying the relative freedom of youth. Unfortunately, prom and graduation can also come with some risks - both physical and legal. One of those risks is drunk driving , which seems to spike ...
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