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Blog Posts in 2018

  • John Mark Sutton Joins the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys

    We are pleased to announce that our attorney, John Mark Sutton, was granted membership into the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys. Attorney Sutton was confirmed by the Association based on the skills, knowledge, training, tools, resources, and strategies that he uses to win DUI cases . To determine if a prospective member is worthy of inclusion, the American Association of Premier DUI ...
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  • Drug-Related DUI: How Law Enforcement, Prosecutors Prove Impairment

    West Virginia and Maryland both make driving under the influence ( DUI ) a crime punishable by serious penalties. This includes not only driving under the influence of alcohol, but also drugs. While most people are familiar with the legal limit associated with alcohol DUIs (.08) and how law enforcement and prosecutors secure evidence of alcohol intoxication (breath or blood tests), most people do ...
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  • Attorney J. Mark Sutton Named to AIDUIA's DUI / DWI 10 Best in West Virginia

    Our team at Sutton & Janelle, PLLC is pleased to announce at Attorney J. Mark Sutton has been recognized among the 2018 10 Best DUI Attorneys in West Virginia for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of DUI / DWI Attorneys (AIDUIA)! This is a prestigious honor that speaks volumes about Mark’s passion for guiding clients through difficult experiences and his ability to ensure they are ...
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  • When is a DUI a Felony?

    Driving under the influence ( DUI ) is a major priority for law enforcement agencies, including those in West Virginia and Maryland. Today, any DUI arrest – be it a first-time allegation or an arrest with prior convictions – can warrant aggressive prosecution and substantial short- and long-term penalties upon conviction. However, those penalties can be elevated even more when drivers are charged ...
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  • Can a DUI Conviction Affect My Right to Own a Firearm?

    When it comes to criminal justice, there is no secret that convictions come with penalties. While many understand the possibility of fines, fees, jail time, driver’s license suspension, and other penalties handed down by the court in DUI cases, few understand just how far-reaching the repercussions and collateral consequences of a conviction can truly be. At Sutton & Janelle, PLLC, we make it a ...
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  • DUI Penalties & Consequences: Know What's at Stake

    For many individuals, being charged with driving under the influence ( DUI ) marks the first time they have even been arrested, and the first time they’ll have to confront what can be a confusing criminal justice system. Although DUI may be a relatively common criminal charge amid today’s increased focus on drunk and drugged driving, the penalties and consequences it poses are nothing to take ...
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  • Search & Seizure: What Are My Rights?

    Individuals charged with crimes, including driving under the influence ( DUI ), often have some type of contact with a law enforcement officer who stopped and / or investigated them under suspicion of criminal activity. While being stopped or investigated by law enforcement is not a welcomed experience many expect or plan for, it is important to know your rights when you come into contact with ...
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  • Can You Refuse a Breath, Blood, or Urine Test During a DUI Stop?

    In a previous blog , we discussed Field Sobriety Tests – which include the walk-and-turn, stand and balance, and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus – and how they are important tools used by law enforcement officers to gather evidence that supports their justification to arrest and charge suspects. We also discussed how suspects have a right to refuse those tests. Whether a suspect chooses to take Field ...
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  • Can You Refuse Field Sobriety Tests During a DUI Stop?

    When law enforcement officers have reasonable suspicion to pull you over for potentially driving under the influence ( DUI ) or alcohol or drugs, or stop you for committing a traffic offense, they are performing what is known as an investigatory stop. This means that any evidence they obtain can be used against you if you are formally charged with a criminal offense. While there are many things ...
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  • What Should I Do After a DUI Arrest?

    After a DUI arrest, you are likely asking yourself: What should I do next? After all, no one plans to be arrested for a DUI, so it is understandable that you are worried or unprepared for the next steps that need to be taken. In this blog, we explain the important steps that you should take after being arrested for a DUI . Write Down the Details of your Arrest To win your DUI case, you will need ...
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