Man in police custody after multi-state car chase

A young man was recently taken into custody after a multi-state car chase. According to police, this individual is accused of leading police on a chase through three states -- starting in West Virginia. The charges against him include DUI, receiving stolen property and a variety of others.

The accused, an 18-year-old male from Martinsburg, allegedly stole a vehicle and led police on a chase through West Virginia and two other states. One of the tires on the car was blown out by authorities in West Virginia. Officers reportedly used spike strips to eventually stop the car and arrest the teenager.

As of the last report, the teen is still being detained in Pennsylvania, where the chase ended. Criminal charges have been filed in that state. It is unknown if or when charges will be filed in Maryland or West Virginia. Currently, there has been not information provided regarding extradition to face any further charges.

This particular case, as it involves multiple states, is fairly complex. There will, undoubtedly, be a lot of information that will need to be sorted through and questions answered. As the incident supposedly began in West Virginia, it is possible that the accused will, at some point, be brought back to the state to face criminal charges. When this happens, he will be able to retain counsel that will be able to assist with his case. A strategic criminal defense, that is likely to include reviewing and questioning police reports, may prove helpful in fighting the accusations presented in this case and in achieving an outcome that best protects this young man's future interests.

Source:, "New details in Sunday night's I-81 chase", Nate Stewart, Sept. 28, 2015

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