Why Hire an Attorney with ARIDE Training?

When you hire a DUI attorney, you want to be sure you work with the very best in the field. DUI Drug cases can be extremely challenging, especially if you, the driver, submitted to field sobriety tests administered by an ARIDE trained officer. These types of arrests can be complicated, subjective, and difficult to fight, but working with an attorney with ARIDE training could mean all the difference.

When you work with an attorney who has ARIDE training, you can benefit from their extensive knowledge of field sobriety tests and law enforcement drug and alcohol detection. If you are facing a DUI Drug charge, make sure you know what ARIDE training is and find out how working with an attorney who has this specific training could save your case.

What is ARIDE Training?

ARIDE training, or Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement, is a specialized training course offered to law enforcement officers who wish to learn more about detecting drugs and alcohol. This course provides officers and other approved public safety officials with specific training in the detection of individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The ARIDE course teaches specific test administration and evaluation, which all ARIDE trained officers should follow.

In the ARIDE course, students are trained, evaluated, and they are given a certification once they have completed and passed the course. Prior to earning that certification, attendees are instructed on the affects drugs have on the human body, the seven major drug categories, the combined effects of drugs, as well as pre and post-arrest procedures in DUI investigations. Attendees are taught to observe, identify, and articulate the signs or impairment related to drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both.

How Can ARIDE Training Help in a DUI Case?

ARIDE training is designed specifically for police officers, which is why it is so invaluable to work alongside a criminal defense attorney who also shares this certification. A lawyer with firsthand knowledge of the specific training officers receive will be able to pinpoint the types of factors the arresting officer would have been looking for. In other words, working with an attorney with this certification is a lot like working with someone who has been behind enemy lines. Your ARIDE certified attorney will be better equipped to get into the mindset of your arresting officer and determine how the arrest may have been unfounded.

The ARIDE program is founded on the assumption that certain behaviors directly correlate to drug or alcohol use, which is not always true. ARIDE trained officers can certainly make mistakes in their assessments, and identifying those mistakes is much easier to do with an ARIDE trained lawyer on your side.

Let Our Firm Help You

If you have a knowledgeable attorney in your corner, your chances of a smooth, successful case are substantially higher. Unfortunately, not all DUI attorneys have the type of experience and training necessary to defend individuals facing DUI Drug charges. Before you get started on your case, make sure you work with someone who knows what you are going through.

Our criminal defense attorney, Bradley Wright, worked for years as a law enforcement officer before he became a DUI lawyer. Attorney Wright’s extensive training and experience with DUI arrests gives him an invaluable edge when working on alcohol and drug cases. If you were arrested on DUI charges for drugs or alcohol, act fast to protect your rights.

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