3 Tips to Help Maintain Positive Communication with Your Kids During Your Divorce

During your divorce, you might begin to notice changes in your child’s behavior and attitude. If you recognize signs that your child might not be adjusting well to your divorce, it is important to communicate with them in a healthy way about the issues that are causing them stress. Your child might be feeling angry, sad, or scared, and their actions are just their way of trying to express those feelings. Below, we give you three tips that can help you communicate with your child during your divorce.

#1: Let Them Know You’re Willing to Talk

Don’t assume that your kids will come to you to talk about the concerns they have about your divorce. Let your kids know you are always there for them if they want to talk about your divorce and how it is impacting their life. Let them know that negative emotions caused by divorce are normal and that you are willing to help them get through it.

#2: Remember to Listen Carefully

Divorce is stressful for parents, and sometimes the stress can make them poor listeners. When your kids are talking to you about their feelings, make sure you let them vent their frustrations. Don’t get angry or give advice, just listen and let them get it all out before you express your concerns. It can be hard for parents to put aside the need to fix their child’s problems, but when it comes to children acting out because of divorce, you need to listen carefully to what they are telling you and help them process their feelings based on what you receive.

#3: Be Observant

Just because your child is acting happy when they are around you doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t struggling with your divorce. If you suspect your child feels one way but is behaving another way, it is your responsibility to make sure they are not holding or stuffing away any negative feelings. Ask the other parent about how the child acts with them and speak to their teachers and school counselors to determine how to appropriately respond.

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