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What Is SB76?

SB76 Cases

Martinsburg Criminal Defense Lawyers Take On Cases Under SB76

If you’ve been convicted of a non-violent felony in the past decade, you might be eligible to have your charge expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor under Senate Bill 76. According to SB76, non-violent felons can return to court after 10 years to have their crimes retried and possibly categorized as a “reduced misdemeanor.” You should speak with our lawyers if you’ve been charged for any following crimes:

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SB76 Exceptions

Although non-violent crimes can possibly be expunged under this new legislation, there are four categories of felony convictions that can’t be reduced. These convictions are:

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Not only can you have your charges reduced under SB76, but your gun rights can be restored as well. From gun ownership to better employment prospects, SB76 can help you regain your basic rights and civil liberties. SB76 helps alleviate the social stigma of a felony conviction that many non-violent felons face when applying for a job or trying to legally purchase a firearm.

Speak with our attorneys today if you have a non-violent felony conviction that is preventing you from owning a firearm or finding gainful employment. We can assess your circumstances to determine whether or not your charges qualify for expungement or reduction under SB76.

Our team of criminal defense lawyers can assist with your legal needs and help defend your rights. We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of criminal defense cases and would like to put our skills to use for you! Call (304) 867-0049 to speak with one of our Martinsburg criminal defense lawyers today.

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